The Arkanssouri Blog.: Swedes ban sex and pooping.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Swedes ban sex and pooping.

"...the council issued a ban on free sex and on pooping in the flowerbeds."
The ban only applies to the feline population.
No sex and/or pooping please, we're Swedish.

And I thought the GERMANS were strange.



Blogger Tom said...

So if they banned "free sex", does that mean that the only legal sex is prostitution?

RE your earlier post on Technorati. It is badly, badly broken by misdirected attempts to control spam and a lack of human tech support to make sure their automated system is actually busting real spam. It has been broken for over a year and there's not much being done to fix it, at least publicly. Icerocket and Google Blogsearch are slightly better for blog searches. MyBlogLog is somewhat better if you want the social networking aspects.

1:34 AM  

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