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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lingering questions on The Craig Matter.

1. Who goes cruising for toilet sex in a suit and tie? Wouldn't you need something a little more easy-access, like maybe sweatpants?

2. Republicans have to resign after flirting with a twinky little cop in a men's room. Yet Democrats stay in office after hiding bribe money in their freezer, going on a bender and crashing their car into the Capitol, having "not sexual relations" with a chubby chick in the Oval Office (which is by any reasonable definition more public than a men's room), and drowning secretaries. Does this mean the Democrats will always win?

3. Can any place where you can shamelessly poop without repercussions really be considered public?

4. What's with this "known to cause resentment" crap? You can't do anything in Minnesota that others might resent? Well, *I* resent the Mondale candidacies! Arrest the bastard!

5. Was this a desire to engage in toilet sex per se, or is it a function of having to live in the closet? Where does a closeted man get some without a probability of being exposed (this case notwithstanding), if not in brief, anonymous, no-strings-attached encounters?

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