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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

R Amuses.

R called yesterday, wanting someone to talk him through the stress of looking for baking soda in Dillon's supermarket.

He also couldn't find stationery and toys, which he wanted to use to bribe his nephew into submission.

I suggested that if he couldn't find those sections, he should get tampons and crayons to color them with and the boychild would be just as happy. He could tell him they are airplane stickers*.

Tampons and crayons. As soon as the phrase left my mouth, my mind recognized something potentially special about that particular choice of words. The little gears in my head were still turning when R beat them to it.

"Tampons And Crayons," he repeated. "That would be a good name for the tour if the Dixie Chicks and Kenny Chesney ever went on tour together."

* -- Years ago, on America's Funniest Home Videos, there was a clip in which a woman returned to her house to find her two young children (both boys, I think) had stuck all her tampons onto the windows. When she asked them what on earth they were doing, they both replied "Airplane stickers!" Bad enough you had to videotape it, lady; did you have to show the whole world? The kids are in their teens now, and I would wager both are in therapy. Nothing like embarrassing your kids enough to shatter their psyches, just so you can try to make $10,000.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps, John Conlee could go on tour with them, as he sang, "If you hand me my crayons, I'll be glad to take your name..." but he'd get get drunk and fight 'em over the last drumstick in the KFC box.


3:12 PM  

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