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Friday, June 16, 2006

If there's a goat next door, the terrorists win.

Montana town bans man from alleviating the energy crisis.

The town council has ordered Bob Perkins to find a new home for the goat that eats the weeds and grass on his front lawn. "I can have two obnoxious dogs, but not a cute goat," Perkins said.

Mayor Tony Haag said the town of about 1,400 people is growing and cannot afford to allow one of its residents to have a goat. If it did, he said, what would stop other town residents from keeping goats, too?

[Sarcasm Alert!] Well, we can't have THAT, can we? That would be just awful. So awful that we must trample upon individual rights and liberties.

I thought the Western states were full of rugged, individualist Libertarian types.

Where in the Bill of Rights is there a Right Not To Have Goats Next Door?

Meanwhile, each year Americans burn 800 million gallons of gas and cause 5% of the nation's air pollution with their lawnmowers.

A google search for "goat air pollution" yields no results.

[H/T 2 brainhop.]

[Update: If you'd like to lend your voice to the cause and encourage the city officials of Manhattan MT to SAVE BUDDY, here is the contact information:]

Contact information
120 W.Main St.
Manhattan Montana
Phone #: (406) 284-3235
Hours of operationMonday-Friday 8:30-5:00


Blogger Mr. Biggs said...

I think they did the right thing.

People joke about being butted by a goat. Those people have never been butted by a goat.

And they'll do it at the drop of a hat. Plus....they can strike within their body length x3.

They come up slowly, rear up a bit, then BOOOWIE! They burst forth, slamming your closest boney outcroping with their thick forehead where the horns meet the skull.

Some folks think they gore you with the horns. I almost wish they did.

And carney folks put them in petting zoos. I just don't get it. A goat could kill a small child.

Don't kid around with goats.

Get it? That's my little joke.

Stop laughing. It's not funny.


11:49 PM  

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