The Arkanssouri Blog.: The latest installment of Why I Hate The Mis-Leader.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The latest installment of Why I Hate The Mis-Leader.

This may be the first known example of quadruple-speak. It comes from their Sunday edition:

When applied in a system that involves spending public money on private
schools, a voucher system will do one of two things:

It will provide no accountability because the long arm of government
has no control over private schools.

Or it will bring accountability by allowing the government to exercise
some control over private schools because public money will be involved.

Either way, the result is a bad one, and that's why we remain
vehemently opposed to a voucher system in the public schools.

They oppose vouchers because vouchers either provide accountability or provide no accountability, and because of either (or both of) the control and lack of control. And seem totally unaware they are speaking in contradictory nonsense.

Are Ellsworth Toohey and Jim Taggart on the editorial board now?


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