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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thayer mayor makes it personal. Again.

[Warning: explicit language follows. It is the mayor's word, not mine.]

While sitting in my car across 2nd street from city hall before the 3/27/07 special Thayer city council meeting, I noticed the mayor arrive.

He walked up the sidewalk, cell phone firmly attached to his ear.

Apparently, he didn't realize his voice was carrying all the way across the street, because I heard him say, "I see dumbass is sitting over here across the street . . ." followed by some comment that went along the lines of "He thinks he's some big-time reporter."

In case there's any question, I was the only one sitting across the street.

Interesting that he lacked the cojones to say it to my face. And if he denies saying it, I'll offer to take a lie-detector test if he will and if the results will be in before the election.

You'd think he would have learned after the defeats of his economic developer sales tax and of his sometime ally on the council Fern Hickinbotham, that his making things personal with me always turns out badly for him.

For the record, this dumbass is a blogger who has no illusions of being a reporter, big-time or otherwise. The articles I write in the Hill 'n Holler are a means to accomplish a desired result, not an end unto themselves.

And in a week or so, we'll find out who the bigger dumbass is - the dumbass, or the one the dumbass outsmarted.

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