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Thursday, August 16, 2007

For a brief moment, FORTUNE catches up with ARKANSSOURI.

You've no doubt noted how I point out that certain catastrophic failures caused by our "Reward Failure/Punish Success" government dovetail with events depicted in Ayn Rand's magnum opus Atlas Shrugged.

Just this morning, I was thinking that maybe the only thing Ayn Rand got wrong in the book was that it seems the John Galts haven't gone on strike at all. They've retired instead.

Adam Lashinsky of FORTUNE/CNNMoney notices the parallels, too.

Then proceeds to retreat into his comfort zone of blaming the rich for not allowing themselves to be subjugated as a resource to be mined to feed the machine of bureaucracy and the appetites of the looters.

We'll get through this. We always do. As a country we'll become outraged at our crumbling infrastructure and demand that our leaders fix it. By punishing their stock prices - what they really care about - lenders and home builders who duped people into spending beyond their means will get their comeuppance. And then the stocks markets and the economy will be just fine. Plutocrats will realize that their limos travel over bridges and that their employees take the subway.

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