The Arkanssouri Blog.: Why are Mike Hendricks' kids porkers?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why are Mike Hendricks' kids porkers?

If you believe him, the choices his kids make are the fault of everyone in the universe except him and his kids:

Only don’t blame the schools alone. Let’s not forget that Congress, state legislatures and the anti-tax lobby also share blame.

Yeah. The anti-tax lobby. THAT's why your kids are fat. SUURRREE it is.

Update: In an email, Mike Hendricks rightfully points out that earlier in the article he says "We parents are often lousy role models. Somebody buys those Ultimate Double Whoppers." I honestly did not see that on my initial read-through. While I regret the error, it does sound more like a cop-out than a legitimate taking of the blame on oneself. It sounds too much like the old "I'm incompetent; you shouldn't expect any better of me" defense the Clintons used so much in the 90's.



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