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Monday, August 13, 2007

How would YOU strengthen America?

It's awfully telling that Steven D. Levitt of the NY Times blog would rather ask people how they'd attack America.

I suggest we flip the script on him. How would you strengthen America?

If you had a network comparable to Osama bin Laden's in size and wealth, how would you use it to build up our country?

A couple of ground rules.

1. You and your network would have to remain relatively anonymous, at least until after the deed is done.
2. You have $50 million in untraceable money to work with.
3. Your network includes about twenty hard-core followers and multitudes of hangers-on.

My plan to strengthen America is in the comments. Submit yours.


Blogger John said...

1. I would buy each and every one of the roughly 190,000 kindergarten classes in the U.S. a copy of "The Little Red Hen." That's just under four bucks each on Amazon, for a total of $758,100. That leaves $49,241,900

2. I would buy every high-school senior in the United States a copy of Atlas Shrugged. There are roughly 4 million of them. The cost on that would be about $24,000,000 if you buy them used but "Very Good" on That leaves $25,241,900.

3. I would donate $5 million to the Institute for Justice. That leaves $20,241,900.

4. I would donate $5 million to the Club for Growth. That leaves $15,241,900.

5. I would donate $10 million to the Libertarian Party. That leaves $5,241,900.

6. I would set aside 4 million for a scholarship fund. I'd never touch the 4 million, but the interest gained off of it each year would go toward a four-year scholarship for the student who submits the best essay on "Why punishing success and rewarding failure will inevitably lead to societal collapse." That leaves $1,241,900 to work with.

7. I would set aside another $1,000,000 to donate to Libertarian candidates over time, in the maximum allowable donation per time. That leaves $241,900

8. I would spend $200,000 buying 5 fuel-efficient mid-size SUV's. 4 of these I would raffle off. The tickets would go for five bucks apiece. Proceeds would be donated to literacy programs. The other SUV would be for my own personal use (Hey, the act of buying it alone helps the economy!) That leaves $41,900.

9. I would spend $35,000 buying compact-fluorescent bulbs for the 400 residences in the U.S. with the highest electricity bills. That leaves $6900.

10. I would spend $5000 getting myself out of debt. That leaves $1900.

11. The last $1900 would be spent on one hell of a float trip. Boosting moral, after all, strengthens America.

9:47 AM  

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