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Monday, September 17, 2007

Let me get this straight.

Bitch exposes Fox to obscenity/indecency fines by using the term "Goddamn[ed?]."

Fox, not unreasonably, is not happy with bitch polluting their airwaves and mutes her ass.

And this is not a company refusing to provide someone else a forum, but rather somehow censorship? Doesn't the freedom of association inherently include the right to disassociate?

Private individuals and companies are incapable of censoring others. The government is the only one with that power. Censorship means arresting or otherwise punishing people for what they say, not refusing to further provide them with a forum. Fox is simply no longer providing the soapbox. If bitch wants to be a pottymouth, she can do it at her house.

If she did, I doubt Fox can or would arrest her.

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