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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Instead of going after a twelve-year-old (who's family DID, however, allow him to place himself on the front lines of America's culture war), how about running ads featuring a 25-year-old driving a black BMW fast, bordering on recklessly, up a twisting mountain road in vineyard country. He gets to the top and steps out, wearing an Armani suit and hundred dollar shades. He looks into the camera says, "Hillary Clinton wants to make the taxpayer pay for my Botox. Thanks, Hillary!" And he gives the thumbs-up sign.

The ads could be tailored to each Congressman who voted for SCHIP and run in that district.

Another could feature an illegal alien sneaking across the border. He emerges from the Rio Grande, turns to the camera, and says "Ted Kennedy wants to make the American taxpayer pay for my health care with no proof of citizenship required. Muchas Gracias, Teddy!"

And maybe in the background, the back end of a submerged car in the river. If you look closely, you can just make out Mary Jo's body-double.

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