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Friday, November 02, 2007

I hesitate to post this.

It may embarrass some impressionable young sign-making cheerleader. But I must.

Tonight the Thayer Bobcats football team plays Miller at home. If Thayer wins, it will have been an undefeated regular season for them.

As a result, many in our little burg are rather enthusiastic.

Signs have been placed all over town urging the Thayer team to beat their opponents.

All the signs look like they've been made by one small group of people.

It is one sign that caught my eye.

It says "Pounce 'em, Bobcats!"

Not "Pounce ON 'em, Bobcats!" or even "Bobcats, POUNCE!" but "Pounce 'em, Bobcats!"

I did not know the verb "to pounce" required or even tolerated a direct object.

Is this something they learned in the Thayer public schools?

What's really bad is that this is not the first time I've seen this particular turn of phrase. A year or two ago, the team was in tournament play and similar perky little signs popped up all over town. And one said "Pounce 'em, Bobcats!"

Hey, if "to pounce" can have a direct object, why not an indirect object too?

"Pounce Sally the mashed potatoes."
"Pounce peace the ball."
"Pounce the English teachers of Thayer a letter of termination."


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