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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire Notes.

1. Any state that prefers a big-government neosocialist and a big-government pseudoconservative ought to have a restraining order issued against them, barring them from using the slogan "Live Free Or Die." I do believe in truth in advertising, after all.

2. When will men finally get a clue and stop rewarding women for turning on the waterworks whenever they're losing? It is a ploy, a strategy, a manipulation. Crying doesn't make you right. It just makes you wet.

3. Proof yet again that polls are useless.

4. How many of the "independents" that voted for Hillary are really Republicans who would rather not face Obama in the fall?

5. Damn that Obama guy can preach! Jesse and Nannny Huckabee and Reverend Al should take lessons from him.

6. Ron Paul's still got twice as many delegates as Rudy.

7. What was the point of that whole Free State Project thing again?

8. There's something about Romney. The next time you see him, ask yourself -- doesn't his body language and cadence bring to mind how a space alien would act if he was trying to impersonate a human being?

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