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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


If the truth was that Roger Clemens had used steroids, would Roger have told his accuser to come out and tell the truth?

McNamee: No, you treated me better. You treated me like family. From day one I was family to you, and you treated me like that. You know, I'm glad to hear your voice. I just - you know, I don't believe that, you know, it is, whatever. I just - the bottom line is I'm glad to hear your voice. I'm sorry that your family is going through this. And I'll do whatever I can do to help.

Clemens: You just need to come out and tell the truth.

And why was it that immediately after the tape was played, sports talking heads (such as those on PTI) were saying that this tape made the Rocket seem more believable, but by the next morning, they were almost unanimously insisting it made him look guilty? Did a memo go out from the central offices of the sportswriters union?



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