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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

With candidates dropping out like flies . . .

... I must take a moment to urge Dr. Paul to hang in there another week.

If he dropped out, I would have to exercise my right not to vote.

Because the alternatives are immensely unacceptable.

On one side, we have three two socialists, and I wonder why we spent 40 years, untold lives, and billions if not trillions of dollars fighting the Cold War to keep socialism from taking over the world if we're just going to put a socialist in the White House.

And on the other side, we'd have the guy who purged Times Square of THE GAYS so he could Disnify it (at least we do until he drops out today), and we'd have Senator McCain-Feingold, and we'd have Governor "I'm for freedom unless it's the freedom to do things I'm against" Nanny Huckabee and of course we'd have Mitt "I was for gay people before I was against them" Romney of the Global Database Cult.

Or I could choose from a list of Libertarians I have at best BARELY heard of. I suppose I could write in Chief Wana Dubie.

So hang in there, Dr. Paul.



Blogger Tom Hanna said...

I think Ron Paul is planning to take his delegates to a brokered convention and get a pro-seafood plank inserted in the platform.

9:23 AM  

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