The Arkanssouri Blog.: Mammoth Spring gains national attention.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mammoth Spring gains national attention.

The last time I saw the man who talked to the man who wasn't there about a car that wasn't there, I noticed his appearance had changed a bit, with his face becoming more rounded and kind of piggish-looking. He was in a convenience store, pestering some poor chap who was trying to fill out an application, telling him that it'd be better to fill out an application at a car dealership. Over and over again.

When I heard about the Chelsea stalker from Mammoth Spring, who jumped over the fence at the White House, I thought maybe it was Imaginary Man's Friend. But a quick Newsgoogle came up with a picture of the guy, and it wasn't him.

It was yet another bizarre local. One I have somehow not encountered yet. And, if his shirt is any indication, he has psychic powers.

Closeup of the shirt logo,

revealing the acronym for

"Extrasensory Perception."


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