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Monday, June 12, 2006

Actually, I'm more of a Sheila.

BBC America is giving out free t-shirts.

The catch is; you have to choose between being a Tanya, a Hazel, or an Amber.

Sorry, Winona Ryder, R, and Kevin; no Heathers.

That Lessig fellow strikes me as definitely an Amber, though. Somebody let him know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got the "Amber" shirt coming to me. I figure I can cover up the "Ambe" part and have my name, heh heh.

I wonder if the "Bear Hair" folks at MSU basketball games hang out with "bears"? And I wonder how either group would react to the effeminately-coiffed international soccer stars I see playing in the World Cup?


2:37 PM  

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