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Friday, June 16, 2006

The oddest things are funny to me.

So I'm at the store perusing the Chicken Buillon granules. A cup of hot chicken buillon clears the phlegm out of a coughy throat better than cough drops.

There, next to the familiar little jars was a stack of similar jars.

On each jar, it said "Turkey Rub."

Instantly an image flashed into my mind, an image of someone giving a turkey a massage. I laughed out loud. People nearby looked at me, slightly frightened at the crazy man laughing at the buillon. So I pushed the image out of my mind.

And another popped in.

This one was of a person giving another person a massage. Instead of using massage oils, however, he used a turkey. A dead one. Cleaned and ready to cook.

I laughed harder. The frightened people scurried away.

Have I mentioned that with these interminably long days, this time of year my mind is like a hummingbird on crack?


Anonymous Helpful Links For Growth said...

dont feel bad..when i read "turkey rub" some interesting things came into my head either..most of them things that i wont bother

in my supermarket, i always laugh at the kids driving their mom's crazy for sugar laden friends think thats mean..

4:52 AM  

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