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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It took 'em six years . . .

. . . but the spammers have finally caught up with my current email addy, mostly thanks to BRECK'S FREAKIN' NURSERY/MAILING LIST GENERATOR.

How do I know it was Breck's? Pull up a rug and I'll tell you.

See, my minions, I have associated my mother with the email address a total of one time. She wanted to order some flowers, and online was faster and easier than via snail mail.

So I placed the order with her name and my email.

It's been awhile since we ordered anything from Beck's, so I guess they got pissed at us, or decided that if they couldn't make money by selling things to us, they'd make money by selling our info to others.

Because about a month ago, the email started getting offers addressed to my mother. A few at first. Now, it's dozens. Everything from mortgages to boob jobs.

Go to hell, Breck's. Good luck ever getting another penny from us.

I'll be changing my email address soon. Too bad; that was a good one.

UPDATE: I emailed this post to BRECK'S FREAKIN' NURSERY/MAILING LIST GENERATOR. Here is their "helpful" response:

Dear Gardening Friend,

Thank you for contacting Breck's. Your questions and comments are very important to us. Rest assured one of our Customer Care Representatives will be back with you within 48 hours. As always, we pride ourselves on our world class customer service and we back all of our plants with a lifetime guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is my Hardiness Zone?
When will my order ship?
What to do when your plants arrive?
How do I cancel an item from my order?
How do I process a return?
How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from the Breck's Newsletter?

Please visit often for the latest news and planting tips!

Customer Care Team


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