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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

He's an adult.

So why are Big Brother and/or Big Ed and/or Big Media keeping the name and nationality of the MU-Rolla quasi-terrorist a secret?

University spokesman Lance Feyh described the 22-year-old man as an "international" student but did not reveal his name or nationality.

UPDATE: The Rolla Daily News identifies the man as "Sujith Venkatramolla, a 22-year-old graduate student," "from India."

My own digging reveals little on the internet about him. Here he left the following comment on something called the Valmiki Group:

Here's an enlargement of his picture. Sorry about the image degradation due to the resizing.

And here, he apparently won some competition in his homeland.

UPDATE 2: After I emailed this post to them, KY3 now has an article up.

This first graphic is from my stat counter. Keep in mind it is set to the Eastern time zone.

[Graphic removed by blogmaster.]

This second one is from the bottom of KY3's article.

Nice of them to mention where they got their tip from.

In case you can't tell, that last bit is what we call sarcasm.

UPDATE 3: (3-1-07) I got a nice email from Perrie Campbell complimenting me on my work, and another from the same person asking if I could obscure the part of the graphic that listed KY3's IP address because his (or her?) employer might not be amused. Since my point was made, I removed the graphic.

KY3 used the picture I dug up on their noon newscast yesterday, but again no mention of me. I can kind of understand that on a newscast, where there is no time for extraneous information, but you'd think they could mention this little blog somewhere in their online edition.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are the identities of international students perpetrating terrorist incidents being protected?

If he was a white or Black American would he have been afforded the same protection?

I would like to know his religion. If he is Muslim, is that the reason why the police are covering it up? Are they afraid an angry mob of Americans are going to exhibit racist hatred? Good grief.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Suja, said...

Interesting debate. Agreed, he may be an 'Adult' but in a foreign country; right?

6:21 AM  

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