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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


As a Libertarian, I am accustomed to losing. Always.

But it feels pretty good to score a real victory for the good guys once in awhile.

Operation Ex-Lax is concluded and was a total, unmitigated success.

The mayor and his two cronies on the council were, as Clyde Frazier and Keith Hernandez say in that commercial, . . .


Story here.

The two Alderman races were closer than I expected, which makes all the work I put into them that much more rewarding. Because maybe it was someone *I* reached out to that made the difference.

I should be gracious in my victory. And there may well come a time when I will be. But as demonstrated in this update at the end of the infamous TTA Dumbass Post, that day is not today.

Note the MIDI that plays when TTA is loaded now. Yep, that's "We Are The Champions" by Queen. A little predictable, I know. It's my second choice. I couldn't find a MIDI for my first choice, which was

"Na na na na, hey, he-ey . . . Good-Bye!"



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