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Friday, May 18, 2007

On my triumphant return to the blogosphere.

1. I must suffer from Self-Oppositional-Disorder. I did more things telling myself not to do things than I would have done if I told myself to do things. I physically could not take it easy. And when I'm NOT taking it easy, I put things off and bitch and moan about them.

2. Arm still hurts.

3. Discovered the Hoyle Word Games Demo in the Sierra file on my home computer, and specifically a game called "Word Yacht". Very addictive, but sort of unpredictable. Brazil, for instance, is a perfectly acceptable word to it, but Iraq and Egypt are not. It likes words longer than seven letters, and applauds me for typing them. It REALLY applauded me for "underwear." But my vocabulary is apparently larger than the game's, because it sometimes doesn't like real words that begin with prefixes such as "ex" or "re."

It also doesn't like "empoopen."

My highest score on it so far is 1364. My priggish robo-opponent, Miss Tardee, who is supposed to resemble a chemistry professor, rarely gets above 300. Yet on the rare occasions when she temporarily finds herself ahead of me in points, she talks smack. She doesn't hear the "b" words and "c" words I call her.

'Course, all that fast and furious typing might be what's aggravating my arm, not all the yardwork.

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