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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What the hell kind of reason is that?

City of Melissa TX to potential energy conservers:

You can't bring a wind turbine if you don't bring enough for everybody!

In Melissa, a community of 5,000 people squarely in sight of suburban strip
malls and encroaching cookie-cutter subdivisions, Mayor David Dorman said he
embraces green thinking.

And in neighboring McKinney, Wal-Mart built its nationally lauded "green"
store that includes a 120-foot turbine spinning above the entrance.

But Dorman said the city code does not provide for residential turbines, an
omission not uncommon outside energy-progressive places such as

Dorman also said it might be unfair to allow some people to have a
technology that is not available to others who do not have the money or the yard space.

These people can't have a windmill on their own property because their neighbors might suffer from Turbine Envy?

Note to neighbors: If you want a turbine, go buy one. If you can't afford one, either hump up and take it or go get a better job.

This is a perfect example of why planning and zoning should be abolished.

These people are the good kind of green. They choose to save energy on their own, without imposing rules and restrictions on their neighbors. But the city of Melissa won't let them.

You can't save energy individually in Melissa. You have to let Big Brother do it FOR you.

Melissa is a commie bitch.

"To ALLOW some people to have a technology . . ."

Maybe Melissa isn't in Texas. It sounds like it's more in the Soviet Union in the 70's.

UPDATE: Here are the brick& mortar and email addys and phone numbers of some of the city of Melissa's officials:

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