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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'd better fix this . . .

. . . before Kevin sees it and has a seizure.

From this article in the Springfield Mis-Leader on eminent domain that doesn't mention the abuses of the power that Missouri State University, also located in Springfield) has committed (Remember Ebbets Field!*):

The coalition would amend the Constitution to not allow [to bar] the taking of private property for the use of another private entity, would narrow the definition of what are legitimate uses "for the public good" and force government entities to negotiate buyout prices based on all aspects of a business' worth — such as Bryant's 15-year rental contracts.

Split infinitives make Kevin foam at the mouth. We mustn't have that.

* - And by Ebbets Field, I mean the real one, on East Cherry, the one stolen by the communists, not the Walnut Street Yuppie Fern Palace they have now.

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