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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Excessive Throttling Madness!!!

Fayetteville considering a ban on "excessive throttling."

No, not the excessive throttling O.J. gave to Nicole.

Revving your car engine; THAT kind of excessive throttling.

I note the inherent subjectivity of the term "excessive."

And note that even a perfect muffler, one that silences all noise, would not be a defense against a charge of excessive throttling.

And remember a couple of years ago when the titty pink Escort had a pinhole in a vacuum hose I could not find. Until I *did* find it, whenever idling at a stoplight, I would have to rev the engine to keep it from stalling.

Apparently, in Fayetteville, I would be a Menace To Society.

Stupid, big-government losers.



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