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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Breach of contract.

From the transcript of Larry Craig's arrest:

[Arresting Officer] DK: Okay. So we'll start over, you're gonna get out of here. You're gonna have to pay a fine and that will be it. Okay, I don't call media, I don't do any of that type of crap.

The meaning here is clear -- you plead guilty and I don't go to the press and it will all be over.

Larry Craig pled guilty, and "somehow" the press got ahold of it and it wasn't over.

When private citizens breach their contracts, even oral ones, even those not recorded unlike this one, they have to pay.

A little late, but I'm nominating Sergeant Dave Karsnia for the Douchebag of the Month Award.

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Blogger Tom said...

What's the world coming to when a shakedown artist won't stay bought. Larry Craig could give the cop a lesson in the ethics of corruption.

9:14 PM  

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