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Monday, October 22, 2007

Half Douchebags.

These don't meet the threshold for our prestigious Douchebag of the Month nomination process (barely), but a couple of experiences over the weekend deserve an honorable mention.

Friday night I think it was. My cell phone rings. I look at it in disbelief; it's not supposed to ring. I use it to call outward in case of an emergency and once in awhile to send an amusing text message to R (half of which he never gets). I pick it up and try to figure out how to answer it, because I've never done that before.

I see I have two options -- Ignore or Answer. I almost Ignore, but I think that might send it to the voicemail, which costs twice as many minutes to access as a regular call costs. So I answer it.


Silence. I try again.


Another moment of silence. Then a dial tone. No apology for being too damn stupid to dial the right number. Nothing at all; just a hangup. How rude.

The number that called me is (417) 264-7440, which, if Google is accurate, belongs to a Joseph McKinzie, who lives at 315 Chestnut Street in Thayer MO. That information may come in handy.

Then Saturday, I have done a weeks work of laundry and discovered the dryer is on the fritz, so I hang it all up on the clothesline I have set up on the front porch so it can't be rained on.

I go about my business for awhile.

A couple of hours later, I look out my front window and see a white minivan stopped in front of the house. I look closer and see the passenger, a (I'm trying hard not to use the C-word here) woman, has a digital camera and it taking pictures of my laundry!

They speed off before I can get my shoes on and go confront them.


Blogger Tom said...

Is there a mortgage on the house? The mortgage companies for a variety of reasons occasionally send someone to do a drive by valuation on the house (when they sell a package of a loans, for example) or just to do an exterior inspection to make sure the property is being maintained. The state of Missouri is also requiring actual physical inspections during reassessment now, so it may have been someone from the tax office. In the second case, of course, the C-word would have been much more appropriate.

2:43 AM  
Blogger John said...

Nope, no mortgage. My crappy little house is bought and paid for.

And they seemed to be taking pictures of my laundry, not the house as a whole.

And laughing.

So I doubt it was anyone with any legitimate reason to take pictures of my house.

9:00 AM  

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