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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let me add one...

. . . to the list of reasons why Mike Huckabee shouldn't even be elected dogcatcher.

In the very late 1980's, I came home to Sturkie, Arkansas, from college one weekend to find my parents very upset. They hadn't slept at all the night before.

Their cattle that they were pasturing on rented land had disappeared.

When they found who had taken them, it was a couple who had bought the land from the man my parents were renting from.

They had had an agreement with the man that they would be allowed to use the pasture until the first of the year. He had told the buyers this and they agreed.

But they had loaded up the cattle and taken them to their farm anyway and wouldn't let my parents have them back until a trial happened. My parents couldn't even go look at the cattle to make sure they weren't being mistreated or neglected without a police escort.

During the trial, the couple claimed that since both agreements were oral contracts, they were not binding. Not surprisingly, the judge ruled otherwise and my parents got their cattle back. When they were returned, however, they were all sick and my parents lost a lot of money on them in ADDITION to the court costs.

The husband was later convicted in a seperate case of two counts of cattle theft. The wife testified in his defense.

All this information is verifiable in the County Clerk's office of Fulton County, Arkansas, in the county seat of Salem.

Mike Huckabee knew all this. And appointed the wife to the state Elections Commissioners Board anyway.

And that is why I will never, EVER vote for Mike Huckabee. In fact, if he's the Republican nominee, I MAY have to vote Democrat instead of Libertarian because the stakes are so high. In appointing this woman, he exposed himself for the disgusting and reprehensible pro-theft subhuman piece of filth that he is. And if YOU vote for him, you better not let ME find out about it, because I may never talk to you again.

[H/T 2 Drudge for the list.]

Vote outside the box. Ron Paul '08.

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