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Friday, November 30, 2007

Word of the Day: Risible.

From an Out of Control article on the FCC cooking the cable numbers:

A particular point of dispute is a new data in a report from Martin’s staff that found that 71.4 percent of households with access to cable subscribe. Under a 23-year-old law, the FCC has the right to impose greater regulations if cable adoption goes above 70 percent. Martin is using the findings in the staff report as justification to exert broader authority over the cable industry.

Trouble is, this 71 percent finding by Martin’s staff runs counter to all other current market research. The new FCC report says cable TV is available to 94.2 million U.S. homes, of which 67.2 million subscribe. These numbers are risible.

No, it does not mean the numbers have the ability to rise.

It means "laughable."

So why not just say "laughable"?



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