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Monday, December 17, 2007


People For Lousy Baseball are wee-weeing all over themselves over 400 pages of rumor and hearsay. (Don't let 'em get you down, Roger -- we still love you!)

Dolphins are soggy and no longer winless.

Has anyone crossreferenced the list of Middle Eastern donors to the Clinton Library with the list of Middle Eastern donors to Cynthia McKinney on and shortly after 9/11/2001?

When is a Drudge pic containing a subliminal halo not so subliminal? When it's freakin' OBVIOUS!

I always thought the people of Iowa were sensible folk. I may have to revisit that belief after the Des Moines Register endorsed John McCain-Feingold.

Ron Paul was re-elected President of the Internet yesterday.

Why is Hillary The Feminist now playing the Vagina Card?

Sidebar: Let's face it, if Hillary hadn't married Bill, by now she'd be selling hemp hackysacks out of a broken-down Microbus at Lillith Fair.

Dan Fogelberg, RIP.

Bones In The Sky
By Dan Fogelberg

Up through the branches
The stars shine above
On the arroyos and mesas you loved
And as the moon rises, the black mountain mourns
For the old friend he'll look on no more

Bones in the sky
Long winding rivers that never ran dry
And the secrets she gathered from the wild blowing sands
Breathed in her heart and her hands

I sing to your spirit
Where all my dreams dwell
The vision--the freedom, the life lived so well
And I sing in your canyons and the echoes ring clear
And I wish somehow you may still hear

[H/T 2 Drudge & Memeorandum.]


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