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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh, Kressmuss Kressmuss! Mnah Mnah Mnah!

The above is intended to be delivered in a whiny little contemptuous voice directed at all the Christmas drones.

Having said that, here's more X.M.A.S. pics:

Santa Heads In A Plastic Bag.

Self portrait.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duuude! I like the self-portrait. Now, see, this is why I got a digital camera, but I can't get the software to work for mine, which irritates me. Really, this is a very "artsy" pic, man.

Say, if Cheerios are made from oats, what would one call an identical-looking cereal made from maize, or as you people call it, corn?

Very funny cartoons to be found if you do a google search of "tickle me homo," there are.


8:32 PM  

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