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Friday, January 04, 2008

Ominous Signs for Talk Radio Fans in Thayer?

Let me begin with the observation that Thayer seems to be in some sort of AM Radio dead zone. Most radios here won't pick up anything during the daytime except the local talk radio station. We can't even get the station out of West Plains, which is only about 20 miles away.

That hasn't been a problem, since the West Plains station and the local Thayer station have been owned by the same people for years and broadcast the same thing.

On January first, the Thayer talk radio station was sold, as was K-kountry 95, the FM country station in Thayer.

This morning, the Thayer AM station was simulcasting the feed from the FM country station.

How much sense does THAT make? Is there ANYONE out there who would rather listen to music on AM radio than on stereo FM? Is there anyone out there who still owns an AM, but not an FM radio?

Let's hope it's not permanent. If I want Trace Adkins, I'll listen to him on FM, thank you. If I want Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or a local politics call-in show and I live in Thayer, my only option is KALM.

At least it was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might try one of those AM antennas from the C. Crane catalog and see if you can pull in KWOC, AM 930, from Poplar Bluff, which broadcasts at 5,000 watts during the day. would have other local Rush stations you might be able to get, and of course, has all the radio stations in any and all states, along with their format and power levels.

Yay, it's shaping up to be an Edwards/Thompson shootout, maybe.


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