The Arkanssouri Blog.: The Arkanssouri Blog, 3/1/2004 - 2/6/2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Arkanssouri Blog, 3/1/2004 - 2/6/2008

This is the very last post of The Arkanssouri Blog.

Barring a resurrection after the April election, of course.

It's been a beautiful mess. Unpolished and undisciplined and bordering on insane at times, but hey, so am I.

I tried keeping it going after making it private, but in some sort of Bizarro World version of Social Anxiety Disorder, it is infinitely more difficult for me to write for five people than it is to write for thousands.

So I'm gonna start over from scratch. Well, not ENTIRELY from scratch. I'll carry over the hit counter reading from this blog onto my new one.

I will try (TRY, mind you) not to make the new effort quite so reactionary. Kneejerks are cleansing for the soul, but you wind up saying things that those conducting opposition research on you can gleefully point to to show how irrational you are.

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you over to Third Party Animal.

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