The Arkanssouri Blog.: Take note, NASCAR and the NFL.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Take note, NASCAR and the NFL.

Soccer's opened up a whole new world of marketing.

It seems the German sex shop chain, Beate Uhse came out with Ollie K and Michael B vibrators and a David B dildo. To anyone who knows soccer, it appeared as if stars Oliver Khan, Michael Ballack and David Beckham had lent their names to a line of sex toys.

I wonder if they're taken from molds of the athletes?

It's a brilliant marketing ploy; I mean who DOESN'T want a Dallas Cowboys vibrator or a Kobe Bryant dildo?

And "Carl Edwards shirtless" Guy could finally get his own Carl Edwards blow-up doll.

Put me down for two Roger Clemenses, a Terry Labonte, and an Esera Tuaolo. Maybe a Michael Strahan, too.

I'm betting the John Rockers and the Ozzie Guillens get put in the 99-cent bin.

[H/T 2 Buzzpage.]


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