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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Remember BBSes?

During my brief stint at the Government Advanced Indoctrination Center (S)MSU, there was a campus BBS (that stands for "Bulletin Board System," in case any young whippersnappers are reading this) called COEPIS, and dammit it was pronounced "co-epis" as in "co-epistemology," NOT "see-piss." It stood for "College of Education and Psychology Information Services" or sumpinruther like that. It was started by a psychology professor, who outsourced the running of the thing to a Sysop.

The first Sysop (that means "system operator," my padawans) took a rather laissez-faire attitude toward conversations on the board. He even attended our organizational/inaugural "Students for a Libertarian Society" meeting.

But then he took a backseat and a NEW Sysop was brought in.

Who banned us from using the word "shit" on the board.

I, of course, left a message for the FIRST Sysop and sarcastically asked if the word "guano" was permissible.

He assured me that it was.

Several messages ensued saying "Guano! Guano! Guano!" and calling the Sysop a "Guano-Op."

Why am I telling you this, my minions?

No reason.

Except . . .



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