The Arkanssouri Blog.: Should 'rash' and 'toilet paper' be in the same sentence?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Should 'rash' and 'toilet paper' be in the same sentence?

Only if you're talking about noticing, as I have, the rash of toilet paper/poop stories in the news (and, as a result, here on this blog) lately.

They even inform me that toilet paper is the new prison smokes:

In the prison in Hutchinson, Kan., economics are responsible for the latest injustice being set forth on an assortment of incarcerated ne'er-do-wells. The prison decided it could save up to $600 per month by cutting the allocation of toilet paper from five to four rolls. As a result, toilet paper has become a valuable commodity among the inmates and is now being used as a means of dealing or trading. So, a conversation in the exercise yard these days could go something like this: "Hey Rocco, I can supply you with a carton of Lucky's and a shiv but it'll cost you two rolls of Charmin and a bar of Oil of Olay."


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