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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Unintended consequences.

Apparently, as a result of my zeal in pursuing Operation Ex-Lax, many within the New Regime in Thayer think I am a Democrat.

If it helps to pin me down politically, maybe a pattern can be found in my Presidential voting history. I voted for Jerry Brown in the '92 primaries. That was after I voted for Ron Paul ('88) and before I voted for George W. Bush ('00) and Badnarik ('04.) There was a Marrou in there somewhere. '96 maybe. Or it could have been the '92 general. I don't remember. Either way, who am I leaving out? Harry Browne?

But I digress . . .

The people I supported in this little local election this time, I found out midway through, are Democrats. Not that it mattered. The mayorship and aldermen are nonpartisan offices. And my guys have all shown a disinclination toward tax increases, which is about all the power to change economic policy those offices have. So at this early juncture, if I had to describe them politically, I'd call them "Free-Market Democrats." I could do worse than supporting free-market Democrats.

And I suspect the people I opposed are Democrats. And certainly NOT free-market Democrats, if their past support of tax increases are any measure.

Besides that, they were evil. Not just the minor evil of being immoral, either. No, they didn't simply occasionally fall short of their own moral codes. That is something we are all guilty of from time to time. And it's not a matter of them having a different moral code than I do. They didn't even fall into the mid-evil level of actively defying their own moral codes. No, these people relish in the biggest evil of all -- they have no moral code, and the thing they resent most about the rest of us is that we do. MAJOR evil.

I can respect a man who believes I am wrong. I cannot respect a man who holds no beliefs.

Nietzche would slap me for saying this, but Good vs. Evil trumps Republican vs. Democrat vs. Libertarian, at least at this level.

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