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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is new.

Usually I don't get depressed in the summer. I usually encounter that particular demon in the bleak days and interminable nights of winter.

But yesterday and today a big ol' steamroller of depression have pancaked me all over the tarmac.

I think it may be related to a kink in my back that developed yesterday morning which kept me from doing a full swim workout. This Spring & summer I've been at the pool six days a week and I think my body was expecting a mid-day shot of endorphins which it didn't get. That the previous day was Sunday, the day I don't swim, compounded the problem.

So I trudged through yesterday and hoped the sweet, dark oblivion of sleep would hit my reset button and things would be better this morning. But it was not the comfortable slumber I fell into but a fitful, dreamless episode from which I awoke less rested and more depressed than when I started.

And the kink's still there.

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